OK, Video Case Studies are a company speciality here at super motion, and I’ll happily share some killer questions to ask. I would say that the secret sauce to making these films well is to tell the story with a compelling narrative that elicits an emotional response. At Super Motion, we usually use a system called PAS, which stands for problem, agitate, and solution. So start by painting a picture of life before then present your solution. For this example, I’ll pretend that Super Motion, my video production business is the client, and we’re interviewing one of my customers. First Introduction and Background., Please introduce yourself and your role within the company. Then tell a concise story of the problems that Super Motion has solved for you. This bit is industry-specific, but number two should be something like, “What problems were you facing before you started using Super Motion to create your videos. Then move on to the process that you went through with the Super Motion Share a success story or positive experience since using their services. How has Super Motion helped you or your business achieve its goals? What sets Super Motion apart from others you have worked with? Finally, lead into Future Plans and Vision: What are your company’s goals and objectives for the future. Can you provide insights into any upcoming projects, initiatives, or innovations? Then a Call to Action. What action do we want viewers to take after watching the video? How can viewers get more information or engage with our company further? And we’re out. I really recommend building up a bank of client case studies. Film your best clients and use that video to pull in new clients just like them.