Our Process

All good companies have a process (well they certainly should) but only Super Motion has been refining and perfecting its 7 step process for over 25 years to give its clients truly game changing results.


Step 1. Browse our products

The first step is for you to browse our product offerings to see what works best for you. If you don’t see what you need, then the ‘tailored for you’ option is best. Next, fill out a contact form or give us a call/email – we’d love to hear from you.

Step 2. A complimentary 30-minute strategy call

Next, we complete a complimentary 30-minute strategy call. Here, we listen to your requirements and offer ideas about how to make the best possible video to get the results you want. This is followed up by a one-page proposal including a cost estimate.

If you decide to go ahead then pre-production begins…


Step 3. Discovery meeting – 1 hour

It’s here we learn about your business in more detail which is where the Pre-Production begins: without this, we’re telling your story blindfolded.

From this meeting we’ll establish the “why” of your project- we need to know what makes the business and the people behind the business tick to help elicit an emotional connection – which is usually key to delivering any message. Only when your audience cares about you will they listen and take action. 

During this meeting, we’ll agree on what is needed to make your project happen. Your budget is always front of mind and we’ll only provide what you need to get the results you want.

Step 4. The plan issued & actioned

The full Super Motion plan for your business video follows for your approval. Once it’s agreed, we collaborate closely with you using shared documents to arrange everything that’s needed, this can include:

• Scriptwriting • Location scouting
• Writing interview questions • Putting together the right crew


    Step 5. Your shoot day/s

    After the pre-production is approved the shoot follows – Super Motion directs and manages everything on set. Some of our clients like to be more involved than others. For example, on occasion, they may take on the task of the interviewer, while others like us to do that for them. This is all decided in pre-production so that the shoot goes smoothly with the right equipment and the right team in place.

    Usually, shoot days break into two categories:

    A-Roll: Your interviewees or your acting talent: who’s going to narrate your project, telling your story?

    B-Roll: This is everything else we shoot which illustrates the narration. In the post-production world, this is called ‘painting’ an edit.


    Step 6. Digital video editing 

    After the filming is complete, post-production begins. Your best takes and photographs are stitched together to make a cohesive film. Everything is cut down to fit the agreed length. 

    Apart from the editing itself, other steps that might be included in your editing process will include:

    • Recording a voiceover (if needed we can help find an artist)
    • Adding graphics (logos, branded elements)
    • Animated text (kinetic typography that draws the eye to copy)
    • Digital effects & animation (do you need digital effects for your edit? This is always discussed at the pre-production phase)
    • Colour grading (essential to give your work the highest possible quality)
    • Add music (captures a mood and creates an emotional response from the viewer)
    • Add sound effects (this can make a big difference to an edit)


    Step 7. Amplify results

    It’s important to maximise the effect of your video – we provide our tailored one-page document with recommendations for amplifying results.

    Distribution may be as simple as posting your video on social media, embedding it in an article, sharing it with industry news sources, placing paid advertising behind it so that your target audience sees it, or distributing it by email newsletter or via your own YouTube channel.

    Of course, it’s important this is in line with the plan discussed in pre-production, which is focused on reaching your target demographic in the most efficient manner possible. The objective is to get the greatest return for your investment which is something that’s crucial to how we run Super Motion.