With the fast-paced digital environment, Professional Services are finding innovative ways to capture their audience’s attention. One of the most effective tools for engaging potential clients is the animated marketing video. Marketers and managers within Professional Services are turning to this medium to convey complex messages in a clear, entertaining, and visually compelling manner.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of creating an animated marketing video that resonates with your professional audience. From crafting the perfect script to distributing your final cut, we have you covered with the step-by-step to-do list. Take a deep breath and get ready to infuse your marketing strategy with the magic of animation.

Pre-production Essentials

Crafting the Script

The script is the bedrock of your video. It should be as clear and articulate as your Professional Services. Ensure your script explains your services’ unique value proposition, solving problems, and providing a powerful conclusion that integrates your call-to-action.

Storyboarding Your Vision

Storyboarding is the visual aspect of your script. Every scene must be carefully outlined to guarantee the video flows logically and visually. Remember, the visual storytelling in Professional Services is just as important as the message itself.

A person drawing a storyboard.

Defining Objectives and Target Audience

Outline specific objectives for your video – what do you want the viewer to do after watching? Also, understand your target audience, to tailor the animation style and message to their preferences and challenges.

Choosing Animation Styles

2D Animations – Engaging and Economic

For its charm and cost-effectiveness, 2D animation is a favourite for many Professional Services. It allows you to convey complex ideas in a simple, clean, and engaging way.

3D Animations – Adding Depth to Concepts

If your services require showcasing complex products or processes, 3D animation brings a whole new dimension – quite literally.

Motion Graphics – The Business of Moving Images

Highly graphic and animated design elements, motion graphics are fantastic for stats-heavy content or where a sleek, modern look is imperative.

Whiteboard Animations – The Upscale Hand-Drawn Look

These are a great choice for a more serious or educational tone. They can turn your video into a tutorial or explainer.

Tools and Software

High-End Software for the Animation Aficionado

Professional Services departments, with sizeable budgets or animation-savvy staff, should consider Adobe After Effects or Toon Boom Harmony for their robust features and customisation.

Mid-Range Software for Quality on a Budget

If you’re looking for a balance between features and affordability, software like Vyond or Powtoon provide comprehensive toolsets while being more intuitive for beginners.

Entry-Level and Online Tools for the Animation Novice

Online platforms such as Moovly, Animaker, or even Biteable can get the job done efficiently, while requiring no previous animation experience.

Voiceover and Music Selection

Finding the Right Voice for Your Video

The voiceover must match the tone of your Professional Services. Go for clarity, professionalism, and authority. Hire a native speaker of the language you’re targeting, and always request a sound or sample before committing to the full project.

Musical Harmonisation

Music sets the mood for your video. For Professional Services, a subtle, non-intrusive instrumental track is usually preferred. Platforms like Epidemic Sound or Artlist.io offer libraries that are licensed and fit for purpose.

Integration of Branding Elements

Logo and Colour Consistency

Your brand’s logo and colour scheme must be visible throughout the video. This element of repetition is not only good for branding but also for reinforcing the message.

Corporate Themes

Depending on the nature of your Professional Services, there might be unique corporate themes or symbols you’d like to weave into the animation – a font, an icon, or a particular motif.

Effective Call-to-Action

The Compelling Call-to-Action

Your Call-to-Action should be straightforward and compelling. For the marketing manager of Professional Services, the Call-to-Action could prompt viewers to book a consultation, download a whitepaper, or sign up for a webinar.

Timing Is Everything

Make sure the Call-to-Action appears at the right moment in your video. It’s usually placed towards the end, after the value of your services has been clearly communicated.

Distribution Strategies

Social Media Platforms

Upload your videos across all major social media platforms, depending on where your professional clientele is most active. LinkedIn, for instance, might be more beneficial for B2B services.

Website Embedding

Embed your video in strategic spots on your company’s website. It can live on your landing pages, service pages, or blog posts related to the video’s content.

Email Marketing

Use your video as part of your email marketing campaign. It’s a great way to stand out in your recipients’ inboxes and drive traffic to your services.

Booking Your Free Strategy Call

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