Your Housing Association has an impactful story, and a well-crafted corporate video is the canvas on which it is painted for the world to see. But how do you ensure that your message resonates with professionalism and power? In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to shoot corporate videos that captivate your audience and further the mission of your housing projects.

Pre-Production Planning

Crafting Compelling Stories

Before you even think about picking up a camera, you need to identify what your video is about. Start by asking yourself, “What’s the core message, and what are we trying to achieve?” Is it showcasing the refurbishment of local properties or maybe highlighting community-building efforts?

Writing the Perfect Script

Every good video begins with a great script. Focus on keeping the message clear, simple, and aligned with the values of your association. Avoid jargon; opt for words that a 13-year-old could understand. Remember, a well-crafted message reflects the professionalism and sincerity of your association.

A set of video scripts.

Scouting Locations

Location scouting is vital. Look for spots that have relevance to your message and provide visual interest. Within housing projects, common spaces, before-and-after property shots, and community areas can tell a powerful story. Ensure all the required permissions are secured in advance.

Production Techniques

Lighting Essentials

Proper lighting is the difference between a dull video and a dynamic one. For indoor shoots, utilise natural light augmented with soft artificial light sources. Outdoors, shoot during the ‘golden hour’ — which is the time of day that offers the most flattering natural light, typically an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. Position your subjects with light sources in mind, aiming for clarity and warmth.

Camera Choices

Your camera choice doesn’t have to break the bank, but it should offer at least 1080p resolution for crisp image quality. A good DSLR or mirrorless camera paired with a versatile lens can offer great results without overwhelming you with technical specifications.

Sound Quality

Solid sound is as important as clear visuals. Invest in a good directional microphone to capture dialogue and reduce ambient noise. Always monitor levels while shooting and consider using lavalier mics for interviews. Remember, echo is the enemy, so soft furnishings can make a bare room sound more professional.

Lapel microphone.


Basic Editing Techniques

Your goal in editing should be to maintain narrative flow and viewer engagement. Simple transitions, clear sequences, and a good pace keep the story moving without distractions. Keep footage organised and create a rough cut before fine-tuning with more advanced techniques.

Subtitles and Graphics

Subtitles increase accessibility and viewer engagement, especially on social media. Use graphics sparingly but effectively to emphasise key points and provide context. Every addition should point back to the central narrative and the goals you identified in pre-production.

Musical Touches

Music sets the mood and can elevate your video to an emotional level that resonates with your audience. Choose licensed tracks that align with the message and tone of your video. Services like Artlist or Epidemic Sound offer a wide range of music with subscription plans available.

Distribution Strategy

Sharing on the Right Platforms

Your video needs to meet your audience where they are. For internal communications, an embedded video in a newsletter might suffice. For the public, use platforms like YouTube and Vimeo with strong SEO practices to ensure your message reaches the maximum number of people.

Measuring Success and Feedback

After sharing your video, it’s critical to measure its impact. Engagement metrics like watch time, shares, and comments can tell you how your video is performing. Don’t forget to gather direct feedback through surveys and user comments, which can provide invaluable insights for future projects.

Measuring success.

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By following these guidelines, you’re well on your way to producing corporate videos that not only reflect the professionalism of your association but also touch the hearts and minds of your audience, driving engagement and action. Start planning today, and watch as your Housing Association’s story unfolds on screen in a way that’s truly unforgettable.