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Welcome to Super Motion

We specialise in large companies, factories, processing plants, big teams that have targets to reach. It’s in the employee and employers interest for their team to hit those targets and a collection of Super Motion training videos has been proven to make a big difference.

The good news for you is that the training and induction videos we make have a tremendous effect. Videos that are hitting their targets twice as quickly as they were. This means you make more money from those efficiencies and my clients are delighted that their videos have paid for themselves many times over already.

Video Production traditionally has 3 steps. We go further.


To create content that will make a difference, first come understanding.


As we understand your challenges and opportunities we then move info a position to be able to help.


Script and question writing, location scouting, sourcing kit and crew.


Filming, interviewing, sound recording and lighting.

Post Production

Editing, sound mixing, colour grading, digital effects and titling.


Providing the correct deliverables and offering advice on how to use them.


Data tagged online library keyword search your content.

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Our Mission

To make it effortless for small and medium-sized businesses to have access to the regular supply of high-quality video production facilities they need to achieve their goals.