Crafting Your Company’s Storytelling with Onboarding Videos

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When it comes to the art of onboarding, savvy companies know that a new employee’s first impression is everything.
HR Managers in Professional Services firms wrestle with ensuring new employees not only understand the intricate services offered but also understand and embrace the company culture and values from day one.

Onboarding videos are a powerful tool that use visual storytelling that can help your new employees to start off on the right foot in their new role. Understanding the core components that make an onboarding video effective is essential to make sure it becomes an asset in your onboarding process.

In this guide, we break down the recipe for creating the perfect onboarding video for Professional Services firms. From fostering company culture to navigating policies, we’ll cover key elements for your strategy. Whether you’re an HR Manager diving into video production nuances or an expert shaping culture narratives, this guide will lead you through creating magic with onboarding videos.

Setting the Stage with Company Culture and Values

The Why Behind Your Company

Before jumping into the finer details of roles and responsibilities, an onboarding video should start with the heart of the matter – the reason why your company breathes.

For Professional Services, this often means deeply embedded values and a unique culture that shapes every interaction. Short interviews with leadership and team members can humanise the company. By sharing experiences that reflect organisational values, you’re not just stating who you are, but showing it.

Showcasing Daily Life

From video snippets of team collaboration to a look at your office space or virtual teams, showing rather than telling is key to fostering a rich and effective understanding of your company’s routine. Illustrate how your team comes together to tackle projects and showcase the norm – whether it’s Friday lunches or midweek yoga sessions, these seemingly routine activities foster a strong sense of belonging.

Deep Dives into Your Services

Simplified Service Explanations

Professional Services can often be complex to the uninitiated. This section is about simplifying the complex jargon and laying out services in a manner that’s both educational and engaging. Use case studies and simplified graphics.

If you provide niche legal services, for example, outline big wins for clients with digestible, layman-terms explanations of the process — so your newest team members can understand the processes and use them as examples when they’re dealing with your clients.

Value Propositions

What sets your services apart? Use the video as a platform to highlight your unique value proposition that will resonate with the new starters. Whether it’s a commitment to ethical practice, pioneering technological solutions, or exceptional client relationships, integrate these selling points into every aspect of service explanation.

Key Policies and Procedures

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Maintain professionalism but also ensure your video reflects the warmth and inclusivity of your company. Highlighting the code of conduct is a standard but essential step, where you don’t merely state the rules but also the ‘why’ behind them, and their perception within the company’s framework of values.

Data Privacy and Security

In today’s digital world, the importance of privacy and security cannot be overstated. Address these policies with clarity, illustrating situations your employees will likely encounter. Make the ‘policy’ personal. Portray how each individual is responsible for privacy and security, aligning it with the shared goal of trust-building and client confidence.

Meet the Faces Behind the Company

Team Introductions and Fun Facts

No onboarding video is complete without introducing the people in your company’s story.

Personalise this segment with team members sharing their roles and a sprinkle of fun facts. Make the introductions relatable – who are the sports nuts or the office comedians? This human touch can make the difference between passive viewing and active engagement.

Leader Profiles

Profiling your company leaders instils confidence and provides a sense of direction. Share their professional background, accomplishments, and the strategic vision they bring to the table. This not only humanises the leadership but also allows new members of the team to align their mission with the company’s strategic goals.

Career Development Pathways

Learning and Growth Initiatives

Professional Services is a sector that relies heavily on continuous learning. Outline the learning and development opportunities within your organisation – whether it’s formal training or on-the-job mentoring and development. Use visual timelines or ‘day in the life’ segments to show the progression from a junior team member to the top jobs.

Company Culture of Growth

Stuffing a manual with development programmes is one thing; demonstrating a culture of growth and learning is quite another. Share stories of professional growth within the company that highlight the efforts and support the new employees can expect when reaching for their stars.

Interactivity and Engagement

Quizzes and Reflection Prompts

To ensure the information is digested, add elements of interactivity. Include quizzes or reflection prompts on company values and service highlights. By inviting the new team member to participate actively, you not only gauge their understanding but also reinforce learning.

Gamifying the Experience

Is there a more effective way of embedding memory than through play? Create ‘day in the life’ scenarios where the new hire must choose the best practice, earning points for making the right decisions. Not only does this make for a fun onboarding video, but it also heightens retention of your organisation’s protocols.

Support and Resources

Who To Turn To

Navigate the web of support within your company. Explain who handles HR issues, who’s responsible for technical support, and who are the go-to team members for project-based queries. This section can also include digital pamphlets or directories that new employees can access after watching the video, to find detailed information.

Policies and Manuals

While not the stars of your video, it’s vital to have policies and manuals accessible after onboarding. A quick rundown of where to find these resources online or within the company’s intranet will help new employees to find additional information, when they need it.

The First Step After the Credits Roll

Scheduling Initial Meetings

After the grand presentation, the new employee should already have a tangible next step. This could mean scheduling one-to-ones with managers, team members, or even department heads. Clarity on what comes next after the video is part and parcel of a successful welcome strategy.

Paperwork and Tools Set-Up

From contracts to access to company tools, the logistics need to be addressed swiftly. Clear instructions and support on the sign-up process, usernames and passwords, and any required readings or kits can smoothen the transition from candidate to team player.

Seeking Professional Guidance

Crafting your onboarding video is more than a process; it’s an art of merging corporate narrative with heartfelt reception. If you’re a Professional Services HR Manager ready to revolutionise onboarding, book a free 30-minute strategy call with Super Motion for tailored advice on how video can elevate your practices.

In conclusion, onboarding videos for Professional Services firms must balance the informative with the inspiring. They must drill down the company ethos to the professional while bearing a personal touch that resonates with each new team member. Purposeful, clear content backed by a touch of creativity and empathy illustrates your company’s commitment to success – and sets the tone for a long, fruitful partnership with employees from the get-go.