Overcoming Challenges in Creating Effective Explainer Videos for Professional Services

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Production Tips | 0 comments

Explainer videos are an effective way to communicate ideas and promote services and products. They are visually engaging, informative, and persuasive, making them a necessary tool for businesses in the professional services industry.

However, creating an effective explainer video is not an easy task. It requires careful planning, creative scriptwriting, strategic distribution and promotion, and the use of visuals and animations that capture the audience’s attention.

In this blog post, we will discuss the challenges in creating effective explainer videos for the professional services industry and how to overcome them.

Align Script Writing with Goals

To create an effective explainer video, the first step is to align script writing with goals. It is essential to clearly define the video’s purpose to ensure that the script and content are focused on achieving those goals.

The script should include a clear and concise message that highlights the benefits of the service or product. It is essential to incorporate challenges and solutions in the script to engage the audience and maintain their interest.

Engage Viewers with a Relatable Structure

When structuring an explainer video, it is crucial to create a relatable beginning, middle, and end.

The video should incorporate challenges, benefits, and a clear call to action. The structure should be engaging and maintain the audience’s interest throughout the video. A well-structured explainer video increases the chances of the audience taking action, such as purchasing a service or product.

Overcome Uncertainty in Distribution and Promotion

Even with a compelling explainer video, distribution and promotion can be challenging.

You might be uncertain about which platforms to target and what audience to reach.

This is why developing a detailed plan for distribution and promotion is crucial to overcome this challenge. The plan should include an analysis of the target audience, appropriate distribution platforms, and methods for tracking engagement and success.

Avoid Overusing Jargon and Technical Terms

In the professional services industry, technical terms and jargon are common.

However, using them excessively in an explainer video can be confusing for the audience, leading to disinterest or click-away.

A solution to this challenge is to limit the script to five key points and use simple, clear language. The use of analogies and relatable examples can also help the audience understand complex concepts.

Enhance the Use of Animations and Graphics

Animations and graphics are essential components of explainer videos. They visually communicate messages that are difficult to express with words.

However, matching the style to the message and budget is crucial. An assessment of quality with pre-production samples is also essential. Poor animation and graphic quality can negatively impact the audience’s perception of the service or product.

Focus on the Audience’s Perspective

Creating an explainer video that solely focuses on the service or product can be counterproductive. It is essential to focus on the audience’s perspective by tailoring the content to their interests and needs.

Avoiding industry jargon and technical terms, providing clear benefits, and addressing the audience’s pain points and needs is essential. This can increase the audience’s engagement and interest in the service or product.


In conclusion, creating an effective explainer video in the professional services industry requires careful planning, creative scriptwriting, strategic distribution and promotion, and visually-engaging animations and graphics.

Aligning script writing with goals, structuring videos with a relatable beginning, middle, and end, overcoming uncertainty in video distribution and promotion, avoiding overusing jargon and technical terms, focusing on the audience’s perspective, and incorporating a clear call to action are essential to creating a successful explainer video.

With these strategies, businesses can create effective explainer videos that promote services or products and increase engagement and interest among potential customers.

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