Corporate Events: The Best Questions to Ask Your Client During a Case Study Video Interview

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Production Tips | 0 comments

As a corporate events business, you understand the power of case study videos in showcasing your successes to potential clients.

But creating a compelling case study video requires more than just telling your story. It’s essential to interview your client effectively and ask the right questions to uncover their experiences, challenges, and successes.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best questions to ask your client during a corporate events case study video interview to create a captivating and informative video that resonates with your audience.

How did you decide to work with our company for your corporate event?

This question is an excellent way to start the interview and sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. It allows your client to discuss their selection process, giving insight into what they were looking for in a corporate events business.

Additionally, you can learn about their initial challenges and concerns, providing a better understanding of their expectations and how your company met them.

What challenges did you face in planning your corporate event, and how did our solution help?

By asking this question, you can learn about the specific challenges your client faced in planning their event and the ways your solution addressed them. This information is valuable as it highlights the features and benefits of your services.

It’s essential to encourage your client to share specific examples of their experience, allowing viewers to understand how your company can help them overcome similar challenges.

How did our solution improve your previous event planning processes, and what were the results?

Incorporating this question allows your client to discuss the impact of your solution. It also gives them an opportunity to highlight any metrics, such as increased attendance or cost savings.

This data provides tangible results that support the efficacy of your services and can help viewers visualise the benefits of working with your company.

How did our solution align with your company’s goals, and what was our approach to achieving them?

Asking this question helps your client explain how your corporate events helped them achieve their broader business objectives.

The answer may include an overview of their company’s mission and vision, providing context for why they chose to work with your business. This information is essential as it links your services to your client’s goals and values, highlighting the effectiveness of your partnership.

How has your view of our company and our solution changed since you first engaged with us, and what advice would you give to other potential clients?

Wrapping up the interview with this question allows your client to discuss their overall experience and provide valuable feedback. It’s an excellent opportunity for them to share their personal growth and the positive impact your solution has had on their events, and therefore, their business.

Additionally, their constructive advice can help potential clients make informed decisions and create a sense of transparency and authenticity in your video.


Corporate events case study videos are an excellent way to showcase your business’s successes and attract new clients to your services.

However, interviewing your client effectively and asking the right questions is essential to create an informative and engaging video. In this blog post, we’ve shared the best questions to ask your client during a case study video interview, providing you with a framework to create a captivating video that highlights your services’ strengths.

By incorporating these questions, you’ll be better equipped to tell your story effectively and attract new clients who resonate with your message.

If you’re still struggling to effectively interview your clients for your case study videos, book a strategy call or get in touch on 01225 970242.