Explainer Videos that Stand Out from the Crowd: Top Tips for Corporate Events

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As a corporate event marketer, creating compelling content that resonates with your target audience is essential. When it comes to promoting an event, most corporate event marketers know that video is one of the most effective forms of marketing. But what separates a good explainer video from an average one?

In this article, we will delve into the details and explore the six key differentiating points. You will learn how to create high-quality, engaging videos that effectively communicate your message and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Maintain Viewer Engagement

Research has shown that the average attention span of a viewer is less than eight seconds. Therefore, when creating a video, it is crucial to capture the viewer’s attention and keep them engaged throughout. A well-crafted events explainer video should have a clear focus, delivering the message in a concise and easily understandable manner.

Engaging videos have the ability to hold the viewer’s attention for an average of two minutes. On the other hand, videos that are considered average tend to be too long, lack clarity, or fail to capture the viewer’s interest. Consequently, these videos experience a significant drop-off in viewer engagement.

By incorporating captivating visuals, compelling storytelling, and concise messaging, one can create videos that not only capture attention but also maintain viewer engagement, ultimately leading to a more successful video campaign.

Storytelling and Audience Retention

Making effective use of storytelling in structuring your explainer video will ultimately determine its success. A well-crafted video not only captivates the viewer’s attention but also effectively conveys the intended message. By using a thoughtfully structured storyline, you can engage and retain the viewer’s interest throughout the video.

In contrast, an average explainer video that fails to use storytelling, usually lacks a clear and concise structure. This may leave the audience confused and disengaged. To avoid this, it is essential to ensure that your narrative structure is coherent, easy to follow, and tailored to the specific preferences and needs of your target audience.

By providing a little more detail and elaborating on the key aspects of the narrative structure, you can create an explainer video that effectively communicates your message and resonates with your viewers.

Professional-Quality Visuals

The quality of visuals plays a crucial role in distinguishing between good and average explainer videos. A good corporate events explainer video should make use of professional-quality visuals. Professional-quality visuals must have good lighting, careful camera framing, and seamless editing techniques. This ensures a visually captivating and engaging experience for the viewers.

Although a video captured using a basic setup like a smartphone camera may be acceptable in some cases, it can result in a poor visual experience for viewers due to bad lighting and shaky footage.

To ensure the creation of an excellent explainer video, it is recommended to invest in high-quality equipment or consider hiring a professional videographer who can bring expertise to the production process, ultimately delivering a better visual outcome for your video.

Clear, Concise and Tailored Messaging

Excellent explainer videos are known for their clear and concise messaging. Conversational and jargon-free language is used to communicate the message effectively to the target audience.

A professional events video will also display an understanding of the audience’s interests, needs, and challenges, tailoring the content to resonate with them.

Average videos are often laden with jargon and confusing terminology, leaving the viewer feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. You don’t want to leave your viewer thinking: “Well, that’s 2 minutes of my life I won’t get back!”

Strong Calls to Action

The call to action is an indispensable component of any effective explainer video. A well-crafted video not only captures the viewer’s attention but also motivates them to take the desired action, be it registering for an upcoming event or purchasing a ticket. Strong calls to action are not only clear and concise but also direct and compelling, leaving no room for confusion or hesitation.

In contrast, an average explainer video often falls short in this aspect, with weak and confusing calls to action that lack a sense of urgency. For this reason, a well-executed explainer video, with its persuasive and impactful call to action, is more likely to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Gather Audience Feedback

Finally, gathering audience feedback is not just important but an essential component of creating an excellent explainer video. By actively seeking feedback from your viewers and incorporating it into your future videos, you can greatly enhance the engagement, relevance, and tailoring of your content to meet their needs.

To achieve this, consider conducting surveys, organising focus groups, and carrying out tests before launching your video.

Listening to and acting on audience feedback is not only an appropriate approach but it will also improve the overall quality of your explainer video.


Creating a high-quality, engaging explainer video is critical for any corporate event marketer.

When considering the key differentiators between an excellent explainer video and an average one, it’s critical to ensure that the content is engaging, clear, and visually appealing.

Incorporating these six key factors into your events explainer video will drive engagement, increase conversions and create a lasting impression on your audience. If you take the time to create an exceptional video, your audience will appreciate it!

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