Overcoming Challenges in Creating Effective Explainer Videos for Housing Associations

by | Feb 15, 2024 | Production Tips | 0 comments

Creating effective explainer videos can be a challenging task, especially for Housing Associations in the UK where the target audience is diverse. Housing topics can be complex, regulations and guidelines need to be adhered to, and budgets can often be limited.

However, the benefits of using videos as a means of communication and engagement are indisputable. They can help simplify complex topics, promote transparency, and foster better relationships with tenants, stakeholders, and community members.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the common challenges that Housing Associations face when creating explainer videos and provide some tips on how to overcome them.

Tailor Content to Specific Groups

Housing Associations cater to diverse audiences, and therefore, it is crucial to tailor content to specific groups such as tenants, stakeholders, or community members.

Understanding the needs and preferences of each group is key to creating videos that resonate with them. For example, if the video is intended for tenants, it should use simple language, incorporate relatable scenarios, and provide correct and relevant information.

On the other hand, the video intended for stakeholders can be more detailed and provide a deep understanding of the Association’s policies and strategies.

Break Down Information into Easily Digestible Segments

To ensure that your video is effective, it is important to avoid overwhelming viewers with complex information.

Instead, break down the information into easily digestible segments using clear and simple language. For example, if the video is about rent arrears, it can be broken down into different sections such as the reasons for rent arrears, the impact on tenants and the Association, and possible solutions. This approach will allow viewers to understand and retain the information better, improving the effectiveness of the video.

Cost-Effective Production Techniques

Housing Associations often have limited budgets, and therefore it is important to use cost-effective production techniques. Focus on content quality rather than high-end production values.

A good script, clear audio, and visuals, can be created on a low budget with a smartphone, and third-party production teams can help on projects where a more professional finish is required.

There is no need to spend lots of money. Housing Associations should also look for opportunities for collaboration with other organisations to create videos.

Maintain Viewer Engagement

Keeping viewers engaged can be challenging; one technique is incorporating storytelling elements and relatable scenarios to maintain the viewer’s interest.

People like stories, therefore, incorporating a story that is relevant to the information presented in the video can be a great technique for maintaining viewer engagement.

Adhere to Housing Regulations and Guidelines and Make Videos Accessible

Housing regulations and guidelines are essential to follow in the sector, and it is important that your videos comply with these regulations.

In addition, make videos accessible to all audience segments, including those with disabilities. This means including subtitles, sign language interpretation, and clear visuals. Thus promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

Track Viewer Engagement and Feedback

It is important to track viewer engagement and feedback to assess effectiveness. It is essential to look at the number of views, comments, and shares of the video and use analytics to refine future video strategies. Housing Associations should also seek feedback from tenants, stakeholders, and community members on what videos they would like to see, how to improve, and what they find useful. Using feedback to inform your future video productions will provide more specific and targeted videos based on viewers’ needs.

Use Various Channels

Housing Associations should use various channels to maximise reach and impact. These channels include social media, websites, community events, digital channels, and other platforms. Through these channels, the videos will reach more people, regardless of their location or access device.

Consistent Branding

Maintaining consistent branding across all videos is critical to building trust and recognition. This branding should be in conjunction with the tone of the voice adopted in the videos.

The tone of the voice needs to be informative, persuasive and professional. A consistent brand and tone of voice improve your Housing Association’s reputation, and it is a path to brand recognition and marketability.


Creating effective explainer videos for Housing Associations can be a challenging task.

However, by tailoring content to specific audiences, breaking down information into easily digestible chunks, using cost-effective production techniques, including storytelling elements, adhering to regulations, making videos accessible, tracking viewer engagement and feedback, using various channels, and maintaining consistent branding, you can overcome these challenges to create effective and quality videos.

Explainer videos are an indispensable tool for Housing Associations to engage and communicate with their tenants, stakeholders and community members, to promote transparency and build trust.

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