The Comprehensive Breakdown of Training Video Production Costs for Housing Associations

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In an era when knowledge sharing and learning have transcended the constraints of physical classrooms, training videos have emerged as an invaluable resource, especially in the corporate world.

For Housing Associations striving to maintain education and compliance among their staff, video-based training offers an effective and engaging method. However, the decision to integrate videos into the training strategy comes with its share of financial considerations — from concept to distribution.

This piece dives into the intricacies of the costs associated with producing training videos, arming HR and Training Managers of Housing Associations with vital insights into budgeting for video production.

The Why and How of Training Videos for Housing Associations

In a sector where adaptability and up-to-date knowledge are not just beneficial but essential, training videos have become the go-to tool for disseminating information effectively. Housing Associations deploy training videos for various purposes, such as staff onboarding, compliance training, and continuous development, ensuring that their workforce remains informed, engaged, and capable.

The Role of Training Videos in Onboarding

Imagine the first day at work for a new staff member. Instead of a thick manual or a long presentation, they’re greeted with an interactive video that not only teaches but also welcomes them to the organisation’s culture. It’s a warm and practical initiation that only a well-produced video can offer.

Continuous Training in the Digital Age

With the speed at which the housing environment evolves, ongoing training is no longer an event; it’s a process. Video content allows for regular updates and personalised learning experiences, adjusting to the learner’s pace and time.

The Nitty-Gritty of Video Production Costs

Before you hit record, you must evaluate the significant cost components you’ll encounter during each stage of video creation. These costs may vary significantly based on the production size, the expertise involved, and the quality you aim to achieve.

Pre-production Planning

Concept Development

Time is money, and video concepts are no exception. The hours spent ideating, aligning with training objectives, and crafting a story that resonates with the audience are top priorities. These are the seeds of your video, and they need to be nurtured carefully.


A good script is more than just words on a page; it’s a blueprint for your video. Whether you outsource this to professionals or leverage internal expertise, scriptwriting demands an investment, ensuring that every word is worth its weight in content.


Visual learners make up a significant proportion of any workforce. Storyboarding translates your script into images, laying the groundwork for a compelling visual narrative. This step is an investment in the coherence and attractiveness of your final product.

The Production Proper

Equipment Investment

To create a high-quality training video, you need more than a smartphone. Cameras, tripods, stabilisers, lights, and microphones are the tools of the trade, and each is a thumb on the budget scale.

Location Costs

Whether it’s the quiet office in the corner or an external training venue, every square inch of location contributes to the video’s setting. Securing these spaces involves negotiations and, often, financial transactions.

Personnel Expenses

From a director calling the shots to camera operators and assistants making them happen, every hand involved in production has a price. These professionals are instrumental in bringing your vision to life, and they charge accordingly.

Talent Fees

Perhaps the most visible cost to the viewer, the training video’s presenter or actors are the faces behind your message. Their skills, reputation, and influence on the final product justify a portion of the budget.

Post-Production Precision

Video Editing Services

Raw footage is but a canvas. Skilled editors weave together the scenes, fine-tune the audio, and polish the visuals to ensure a seamless and professional output.

Graphic Design

In the realm of informational videos, graphics can be the difference between a trainer and a teacher. Infographics, motion graphics, and text overlays all have their costs, but add significant value to the learning experience.

Sound and Music Design

The auditory senses complement the visual. Licensing scores, acquiring sound effects, and balancing audio, underscore the professional quality of your training video.

Distribution Decisions

Hosting Platforms

Your video needs a stage. Hosting platforms vary from free services with limitations, to bespoke solutions that provide tools and stats crucial for training management. Each option carries a unique price tag.


Videos are not static; they require updates and safeguards. Maintenance costs cover not only the hosting but also the regular examination of content relevance and effectiveness.

The Unknown Variables

Unexpected Delays

Production is prone to hiccups, which often translate to unexpected expenses. Whether it’s a reshoot due to technical issues, or a script change, delays mean extended timelines and expenditure.

Scope Creep

Projects often start with clear limits, only for those limits to stretch as creative avenues open up. Each new scene, effect, or requirement adds to the bill, highlighting the importance of defining and sticking to the video’s original scope.

The Bottom Line on Video Production for Housing Associations

Ultimately, the costs associated with producing training videos for Housing Associations are investments in the growth and stability of the organisation. In capturing the expertise, regulations, and ethos of your operation in visual form, you empower your workforce with tools that perpetually pay dividends.

To maximise your training video’s value and minimise financial risks, it is vital to partner with a production company experienced in the nuances of your sector.

Super Motion has a track record in delivering bespoke video solutions for Housing Associations, and we offer a complimentary 30-minute strategy call to kickstart the process. Book your call today, and together, we can chart the most cost-effective pathway to a more skilled and educated team.