What are Explainer Videos? A Guide for Housing Association Marketing and Communications Managers

What are Explainer Videos? A Guide for Housing Association Marketing and Communications Managers

by | Dec 21, 2023 | Production Tips | 0 comments

Housing Associations often need to communicate complex information on a variety of topics.

But how do you explain complex topics like housing policies, developments, and repairs to your stakeholders in a way that is simple, engaging, and memorable?

That’s where explainer videos come in.

Explainer videos are short animated or live action videos that explain complex concepts in an easily understandable way.

This blog post will explore what explainer videos are, their importance in the Housing Association industry, and how they can support your organisational and digital transformations.

Making the Complex Simple

Explainer videos are a fantastic tool for simplifying complex information. For example, Housing Associations can use explainer videos to break down complex housing policies, making them easier for tenants to understand.

These videos can also showcase new housing developments, giving viewers a glimpse into what kind of living spaces they can expect from your organisation.

Guiding Tenants

Explainer videos can guide tenants on simple repairs, reducing the number of calls to your contact centre. For instance, you could create videos that show tenants how to fix a leaky tap or safely replace a lightbulb.

These videos not only help tenants solve small problems without your assistance, but they also demonstrate your commitment to helping them maintain their homes.

Introducing New Services

When you launch a new service, like a customer portal for bill payments or reporting property maintenance issues, an explainer video is a great way to inform and educate your tenants.

In this example, you could use the explainer video to introduce the service to your tenants, what they can use it for, how to use it, and why it benefits them.

Using an explainer video in this way can help you to successfully launch your new service, by improving adoption.

Engaging Different Stakeholders

Explainer videos are an engaging way to reach different stakeholders, from tenants and community groups, to colleagues and contractors.

You can use these videos to demonstrate the value of your organisation to potential recruits, showcase the accomplishments of your colleagues through animated presentations, and communicate with tenants in a way that captures and holds their attention.

Supporting Digital and Organisational Transformations

Explainer videos can play a pivotal role in supporting your organisational and digital transformations.

These videos can help communicate changes efficiently to various audiences, aiding in the smooth rollout of new digital platforms and policies.

With explainer videos, your organisation can transform the way it communicates with stakeholders, becoming more efficient and accessible simultaneously.


Explainer videos are a powerful tool for Housing Associations looking to simplify complex information, communicate new services and policies, and engage different stakeholders.

By creating memorable content with visual aids, storytelling, and humour, Housing Associations can improve communication with tenants and increase the efficiency of their contact centres.

With the use of explainer videos, Housing Associations can support digital and organisational transformations and foster a more accessible and informed relationship with their stakeholders.

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