About Super Motion…

Inside Every Story There’s A Film Waiting To Be Made.
Here’s Why You Should Make It With Super Motion.

We’ve been making films about agriculture and food for years, but the inspiring stories that pour out of this awesome, diverse and simply brilliant industry never fail to elicit a thrill in us, even after all this time. And with that thrill comes the emotion to transform your food and farming stories into powerful films: becoming those that capture viewers’ attention without having to compete for it.

Whether it’s a story of rotation or lactation, or to provide information or motivation, we know how to help you tell your story in the best way.

Because we start with WHY…

The History Of Super Motion

Sometimes the best way to tell a story is to see it from a different perspective.

And that’s the story behind Super Motion. Founder Nigel Smith cut his teeth in video and film production working for London’s biggest production companies, with clients like Paramount, Universal and the BBC.

Every filmmaker has a passion. Nigel found his in food and agriculture. But here he saw injustice, a perceptive gulf between what these industries were delivering for the country, for society, for the environment, and the negative or dismissive media portrayals that had become par for the course.

Thus Super Motion. Delivering Nigel’s ambition to see food and farming stories accorded greater respect. Delivering well-crafted video to better serve, and benefit the agriculture and food industries.

Today, whether it’s telling the stories behind the farmer-focused initiatives that benefit Arla’s milk producers, showcasing the close and constant co-operation between Sainsbury’s and their grower communities, or helping Culina Logistics with team inductions, training and motivation, Super Motion’s client base reaches into every part of the UK’s food and farming supply chain.

Super Motion is the only production company that will turn YOUR food and farming stories into amazing, inspirational and informative films. Because only WE start with WHY.

“Our mission is to provide access to seamless, obstacle-free film-making, delivering powerful and emotional agri-food stories that inspire, inform and captivate our clients’ audiences.” N. Smith, Super Motion