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Videos that are used to train existing staff and induct new employees into the organisation

Training and induction videos give new employees an overview of the company, its history, values, products or services, and workplace culture. Induction videos may also cover essential company policies and procedures, such as health and safety procedures, confidentiality policies, and equal opportunity policies.

We make induction and training videos that perfectly align with your company ethos and brand guidelines. Our films allow for onboarding and ongoing training to be available when it is needed. They can easily be viewed by remote workers and mean fewer hours of in-person training, avoiding taking other staff away from their jobs. Induction videos help make people feel welcomed and comfortable and support them with ongoing training, improving performance and productivity.

One-person crew : £1,749

Two-person crew : £2,090

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We have 25 years of experience supporting the Events Industry and we’re here to take some pressure off you. With our experience we can help with the video requirements of your event in a number of ways. Take a look at the examples of how we’ve helped other clients recently and fill out the  contact form to arrange a meeting.

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    Example 1. Location Film. Together we organise a shoot to tell a story that you want to  get across at your event. E.g. we recently shot a film about the origins of the  successful Sainsbury’s ‘Petit Pois, Taste the Difference’ range which was played out at the Sainsbury’s Conference.

    Example 2. Green Screen Shoot. We can either come to you with our portable green screen or arrange for you to come to our studio with parking and catering options. We’ll then record your presentation against a green screen then add whatever background you need in post production.

    Example 3. Event Shoot. We’ll come to your live event and film what happens as it unfolds. Usually we’ll then edit a sizzle reel, which is a great reminder of the day and a good way to publicise the event next year, although we can do whatever you need us to do with the rushes.

    Example 4. Virtual Deliverables. After your virtual event has finished many clients want to host it on their website so others can see it. We can cut out the breaks, finesse the mistakes, add titles if needed, and compress the (usually very large) file so it’s easier to upload and store.

    Example 5. Animation & Graphics.  Most of the time events require animation and graphics and here we can help. Let us know your requirements and we can animate your logo, build transitions all based on your slide deck style

    Example 6. On Screen Holding Graphics. Often clients might want to add some dynamic movement to the screens that feature in their event. Let us know the size of the screen and we can render you out some super high resolution graphics to make the displays come to life and draw attention.

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    The Agri-Food Pioneers

    In 2022 SUPER MOTION launched a YouTube Channel called “The Agri-Food Pioneers”. We wanted to showcase the incredible work you are doing, and help accelerate your growth by promoting you to a larger audience.

    We believe that the recent innovations and changes made by the agricultural and food industries are not being portrayed evenly by the media.

    If you would like to get involved, we will be happy to set up an interview - please get in touch by emailing