How We Will Deliver For You


Step 1: Browse Our Packs

The first step is to browse our packages and decide which is the right one for you.

Step 2: Strategy Call

We listen to your requirements and ask all the right questions to achieve your goals during a 30-minute call. Within two days of the call, you’ll receive a written proposal for your approval.


Step 3: Discovery Meeting

If you decide to go ahead, a 25% deposit will be taken before we meet you for about an hour to “deep dive” into the intricacies of your business; this is where the pre-production for your video really begins.

Step 4: Collaboration

We collaborate closely to finalise the details of your project, including: scriptwriting, location scouting, selecting voice over artist, writing interview questions and assembling crew.


Step 5: Shoot Day(s)

Super Motion directs and manages everything on set. Usually, shoot days break into two categories:
A-Roll: Your interviewees or acting talent – who will narrate your video?
B-Roll: Everything else we shoot, which illustrates the narration.


Step 6: Digital Video Editing

Once filming is complete, post-production begins.
Your best takes are skilfully edited together to make a powerful film, delivered on brief and in budget.


Step 7: Amplify Results!

It’s essential to maximise the effects of your video – so we provide you with tailored recommendations on how best to roll out your video, in order to achieve the greatest ROI.