frequently asked questions

Is making videos expensive?

Well, it doesn’t have to be but it depends what you’re after. There are a lot of factors when it comes to video production. For example:

  • How long will the film/s be?
  • How big will the crew need to be?
  • Do you want animations or live action videos for your project?”
  • Are we filming in one location or several?

There are lots of factors to consider and picking up the phone or filling out our contact form is the best next step. We’ll talk to you in detail about budget and ROI making sure there are no surprises down the road.

Do you make animations?

This is complicated subject but the short answer is, YES. There’s lots of factors here once again such as

  • The style and complexity of animation (for example 2D versus 3D)
  • Whether we are working with existing assets or whether these need to be created from scratch
  • How long the final animation will be

Usually, the animation work we do runs alongside the filmed footage adding production value in a tasteful way.

What does the video production process involve?

Every project is different, but broadly speaking the production process can be broken down into three areas, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. The best place to look for more information about this is the ‘Super Motion 7 Phase Process’ which you can look at here.

I’ve seen companies filming with large crews which looks expensive. How many people do I need to make my film?

At Super Motion we have smaller but highly skilled crews to maximise the effectiveness of the time spent filming on location.

When interviewing or filming case studies, we can go as small as a ‘self-shooting’ film maker who captures all the necessary footage. However our preference is to have one camera operator work with a director/interviewer because this allows them greater control over what they’re capturing and how it’s presented.

Bigger spaces when we’re short of time will require more camera operators in different locations filming simultaneously. Again, it comes back to picking up the phone; we can help work out exactly what you need to get the best ROI for your project.

Do we need to be involved throughout the whole project?

To be honest, you do really need to be involved. Certainly at the beginning in pre-production, then usually a bit during production but not always. Then in post-production it’s usually just a case of giving revision requests and the final approval.

Can you incorporate our corporate graphics and branding?

Yes of course! Send over your brand guidelines and we’ll use colours, assets, logos, fonts. This is really important to make the film distinctly yours.

Does my video need voiceover?

Not every project requires a VO, but when it does we can provide you with a selection of different voiceover options to choose from and we’ll take care of everything else.

How do I know if I need music and if I do need it, which music should I choose?

When music tracks are used, we can source them for you. This is something we pride ourselves on. We have a huge selection of music options available and we can provide them to you with a global licence for only £45.00EXVAT each.

Can you add captions or foreign language subtitles to the videos?

Adding subtitles is a common request and we’re able to offer two options. We can either add subtitles burnt into your video (so they always appear no matter when or how the video is accessed) or we can provide a separate subtitle file that can be uploaded to YouTube and other platforms alongside the video. This allows you to switch the subtitles on and off, and to have several subtitle files in different languages for one video.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We film everything on professional broadcast-quality video cameras shooting whatever resolution you require. We also use additional kit – such as radio mics, three point lighting kit and green screens when needed. We have a budget each year to keep everything up to date so you’ll never be met with outdated equipment when working with Super Motion.

In what format will I receive my video files?

We usually supply our finished videos in .mp4 or .mov. However we’re happy to meet any of your deliverable requirements at no additional charge.

Do you keep copies of your projects?

We keep backup copies of your footage and project files for a minimum of four years and your final edits will have a home online with Vimeo for as long as you need. We’re happy to repurpose previous footage to make new deliverables further down the road to maximise the value you get from a shoot. If you have changed your branding or want to update facts and figures about your business then we can always do that for you too. If there are concerns about data sensitivity we’re happy to delete all our copies of the media on completion of the project.

Can you make our video go ‘viral’?

Errrr, no. And really this almost certainly shouldn’t be your goal. You should be trying to narrow down the focus of your audience as much as you can and going viral means you’re not doing that – your message will get diluted and lost. Focus on who you want to speak to and send a carefully constructed, specific message directly to them

Do you create interactive content?

We’re happy to provide quotes on all kinds of content creation such as clickable animations, or interactive induction courses where the viewer determines the outcome of the storyline. Just give us a call and we can work it out from there.