All the gear and plenty of ideas…

On the Super Motion website, you will find a page called “Our Kit.” We show you the tools we use to create your video because they are important. With the increasing quality of Smartphone cameras, it’s easy to understand why people believe they can achieve high quality results from them. However, when it comes to creating professional video content, nothing beats professional video and audio gear. Here are a few of the reasons why we invest in the best to give you the highest possible standard of video to showcase your work.

Image Quality

The image quality of a professional video camera is still superior to that of a phone camera. Professional cameras are designed with larger sensors, higher resolution, and better optics.
These features result in sharper, more detailed images with better colour accuracy, dynamic range, and low light performance. A phone camera, on the other hand, is designed to be portable and compact, which often results in a compromise in image quality.


Audio Quality

Super Motion uses a broadcast-grade, shotgun microphone which offers better sound quality and directional control. To make sure speech is captured accurately we use a wireless
Lapel microphone, like those you will see on TV. The biggest compromise in using a Smartphone camera to film a video for your business is often the sound quality. They usually have built-in microphones, but they are not as effective at picking up sound from a distance or in noisy environments.


The wide range of manual controls offered by professional video cameras allows video producers to have more creative control over their footage. They can adjust settings such as shutter
speed, aperture, ISO, and focus to create the desired effect. While some smartphones offer manual controls, they are often limited and not as intuitive as those found on professional cameras.


Professional video cameras offer more flexibility in post-production. They record footage in a variety of formats and resolutions, which allow editors to work on the footage in post-
production without sacrificing quality. Additionally, the formats used by professional video cameras are designed to retain as much detail and colour information as possible, making it easier to colour grade and manipulate the footage in post-production.


Smartphone cameras can produce amazing results when used to create the right sort of video. They are convenient and easy to use, and for “spur of the moment” live videos they are ideal. But for high-quality video content that will share your message effectively, investing in a professionally shot video from a film maker who will contribute ideas, and help you produce an innovative piece will bring you long lasting benefits.

At Super Motion our mission is to provide access to seamless, obstacle-free filmmaking, delivering powerful and emotional agri-food stories that inspire, inform, and captivate our clients’ audiences. From the deep dive of our discovery call to understand what you want from your video, through to providing you with tailored recommendations on how best to roll out your video, in order to achieve the greatest return on investment. It all starts with a 30-minute strategy call, which you can book here or by calling 01225 970242.