Creating Videos That Help Marketing Agencies Realise Their Clients’ Potential

At SUPER MOTION, we have crafted a number of video packages based on success stories with our clients over the years.

Corporate Film

Typically used to promote the organisation’s brand, products, services, or mission.

Case Study, Testimonial

They are a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses to attract new customers.

Training Video, Induction

A visually engaging and informative way to train new employees and upskill & motivate your existing team.

Website Video Pack

How we create your bespoke WEBSITE VIDEO PACK.

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Sharing Key Insights. Showcasing Hard Work. Promoting Brave Ideas.
Telling Moving Stories

Most agencies recognise that video is the most powerful tool in their box of marketing assets now. Achieving the goal of high-quality video production needs a professional partner who can take your vision and translate it into compelling video content for your clients.

At Super Motion, we help our clients by using videos to share stories that connect to the power of emotion, embracing it in every film we create. We bring your clients’ stories to life. We share your clients’ valuable knowledge to inspire, inform and captivate their audiences.

We have worked with Blue Chip companies and Sole traders in many industries and can bring that expertise to your video production.

Marketing Portfolio

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Super Motion Stories – Told By Our Clients

“I am not very often at a lack for words but I can’t quite find the right ones apart from to say WOW!! Very sincerely… WOW! We are all waiting with bated breath to see the next instalments.”

Syanna Farr, Hereford

“The showreel Super Motion made for us earned us £100,000 of work”

Robert Craven, Bath

“We’re delighted with the video, delivered in no time at all. Already got thousands of likes on social media. Thanks!”

Ruth Kiely, Bath

“As much as I’d like to take credit for what happened, the truth is that Super Motions film worked its magic. The press saw it and wanted to elaborate and run with the story. Daily Mail, ITN News, Channel 5 News and the local press all ran features. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.”

Jessica Shenton, London

“I cannot recommend Super Motion enough to produce high quality videos for your business whether its case studies, corporate video, social media content, or in our case a conference sizzle reel. Outstanding! ”

Joanne Rolliston, Bath

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