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A Visually Engaging And Informative Way To Train New Employees And Upskill And Motivate Your Existing Team.

Training and induction videos give new employees, an overview of the company, its history, values, products or services, and workplace culture. Induction videos may also cover essential company policies and procedures, such as health and safety procedures, confidentiality policies, and equal opportunity policies.

Induction and Training 1

We will create, project-manage and deliver:

  • One ‘Top Tips’ video
  • Four induction videos

One-person crew: £1,749

Two-person crew: £2,090

Induction and Training 2

We will create, project-manage and deliver:

  • One welcome video

One-person crew: £3,350

Two-person crew: £4,180

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Satisfied Customers

“WOW! Very sincerly… WOW!”.

Syanna Farr




“I’d like to take credit but the truth is, Super Motions film worked its magic”

Jessica Shenton

“You NEED to talk to Super Motion”.

Tim Bird

Ways in which Super Motion can help you:

  • We make induction and training videos that perfectly align with your company ethos and brand guidelines.
  • Our films allow for onboarding and ongoing training as needed.
  • Saving resources – videos can mean less in-person training.
  • Ability to watch video remotely – fitting in with new ways of working.
  • Supports staff wellbeing and retention – helping to make people instantly feel welcomed and comfortable and supporting them with ongoing training, allowing them to perform well consistently and hit targets.
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