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One Corporate Video And Four Case Study Videos, Polished And Ready To Use

People are more likely to watch a video than read a text block, primarily online. Videos can capture attention and keep people engaged longer, leading to increased dwell time, lower bounce rates, and improved conversion. Videos can capture viewers’ attention, tell stories, and convey complex information in a way that is easy to understand. 

We will spend one day filming your corporate video, interviewing key team members, and recording plenty of rich footage to bring your story to life. We will film your four case study videos over two days, spending half a day on each.

One-person crew : £4,820

Two-person crew : £6,065

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Satisfied Customers

“WOW! Very sincerly… WOW!”.

Syanna Farr




“I’d like to take credit but the truth is, Super Motions film worked its magic”

Jessica Shenton

“You NEED to talk to Super Motion”.

Tim Bird

This Package Suits Businesses That Want To:

  • Increase web traffic.
  • Help their customers understand them better.
  • Make an impact on their social media platforms.
  •  Integrate video content into a new website.
  • Relaunch their brand.
  • Build trust with prospects.
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