An onboarding process is essential when inducting new employees into the company. It provides the foundations for what the employee can expect: from procedures and systems to the values and culture of the business. An effective onboarding process can add value to the employee’s journey. By nurturing the employee right from the beginning, you promote a culture of belonging and passion for employees to contribute towards the company’s goals.



Traditionally, onboarding requires an individual from the company to be on hand to walk the new employee through the procedures: meet the new employee on the first day and begin the walk around the building. A checklist of training requirements and paperwork then follows. 

Here is where a digital onboarding experience can be invaluable. You can utilise video to tailor the onboarding experience for the new employee whilst streamlining the onboarding process, saving the company time and resources.

What’s more, videos are an excellent way of providing valuable knowledge to inspire, inform and captivate your new employee. Ensuring your employee has the best experience during the onboarding experience can increase the retention rate in the long term. 


A powerful story inspires, informs and captivates audiences. Combine this with video, and a company has an effective tool to express its values and cultures – increasing employee retention. The benefit of videos is the ability to upload to various platforms, in several formats, and across numerous devices.

There are no set standards for the type and number of videos you can create for the onboarding process. Businesses can tailor to their specific values and cultures. But next you’ll find a few ideas that you could adapt.

• Welcome video from CEO
Opportunity to portray the values and culture of the company. Use this opportunity to tell the story behind the business.

• Team introductions
Provide insight for the new employee on the various departments or team members.

• Office Tours
Provides the opportunity for new employees to visualise the layout of the office (if applicable). It can also prevent employees from feeling alienated if choosing to, permanently, work from home.

• How-to videos and Training Videos
Visual information is recalled more effectively than using just plain text. Incorporate the use of videos when providing introductory training to your new employees.

• Advice from members of the team
What advice would your current employees give to support new employees when settling in the company? Provides an opportunity to further build upon the values and culture of the company.

• What can the new employee expect in the following weeks
Vital for preparing the new employee and providing them with the confidence of the expectations.


Utilising videos supports the delivery of a valuable employee onboarding experience, increasing the retention rate. Not only does it add value for the employee, but it also streamlines processes for the company via digital means. 



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