When thinking about generating publicity, many companies tend to focus on the quality of their products, their level of service, and their affordable pricing. These are certainly important things to highlight in your video marketing and other PR efforts. However, many companies fail to understand the importance of highlighting sustainable practices, which means your company may be missing out on a huge source of positive publicity. 



Sustainability is increasingly prevalent in many company’s video marketing efforts, and the results show that it is paying off. The reality is that a majority of consumers now care greatly about environmentally friendly practices. In fact, research has continually found that customers are happy to spend a few extra pounds to buy quality products from companies that enact sustainable practices.



If you look around at the companies you interact with on a daily basis, you are likely to see lots of examples of those highlighting sustainability. From signs in a restaurant to videos on a social media feed, the reason many companies are highlighting their green credentials is because it resonates with customers, helps effectively position their brand, and creates positive publicity.


One of the best ways to highlight your sustainable practices is to utilise video marketing. Sustainability fits well into a story format, which is perfect for video marketing. Consider detailing the reasons why you chose specific practices and the benefits of them. Pair this with video of the practices being integrated. This tells a compelling, personal story that highlights some of the commitments of your company and helps with branding. 

Another benefit of using video marketing to promote your green credentials is that it allows you to get the most bang for your production buck. Existing and prospective customers will be drawn to the same video through a myriad of different mediums. You’ll generate positive publicity through sharing your video marketing on your YouTube channel, embedding the video in a blog on your website, and posting it on your social media channels. 



Customers have been clear that they prefer to purchase from companies that have environmentally friendly practices. It helps the environment and makes them feel good. If you are engaging in sustainable practices, make an effort to tell your customers about it. This is a great way to enhance your image with some positive publicity and position your brand as one that cares about the environment. 

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