Education Videos vs Traditional Manuals: Which are Better for the Agri-Foods Industry

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Production Tips | 0 comments

If you’re in the Agri-Foods marketing world, you understand the importance of educating your customers during the decision-making process.

But in a world where attention is a precious commodity, how do you ensure your educational content stands out?

In this blog post, we’ll explain why we think traditional manuals and resources are out and video content is in.

Visual Engagement vs Text-Heavy Manuals

When it comes to creating engaging content, nothing captures attention like a well-crafted video presentation. Videos uniquely captivate consumers with visual and auditory elements, surpassing traditional manuals. In the Agri-Food industry, Marketing Managers can leverage video content to effectively reach their audience.

Complexity Simplified

Videos are not only engaging; they excel at simplifying complex information. In our modern fast-paced world, characterised by dwindling attention spans, the role of short-form videos becomes paramount. These bite-sized visual snippets offer customers a convenient pathway to grasp the key details of products or processes, enhancing understanding and engagement.

Higher Retention Rates

The human brain has a natural affinity for captivating narratives, and when it comes to storytelling, videos emerge as the ideal medium. Research indicates that the amalgamation of auditory and visual elements in video content can notably enhance information retention.

Accessibility and Convenience

Manuals are typically confined to physical or digital storage, whereas videos have a ubiquitous presence. The surge of mobile and online platforms has placed video content right at consumers’ fingertips. This heightened accessibility not only benefits users but also enables them to engage with the content on their own terms, pausing, resuming, and revisiting as needed – a significant enhancement to the overall user experience.

Cost and Production Time

Although videos may demand a more significant upfront investment in terms of time and money compared to manuals, the returns are usually considerably greater. Reports show that video yields a superior return on investment over other marketing strategies, demonstrating that the effort is often justified by the outcomes.

Engagement Metrics

Unlike manuals, which can feel like they’re going into a black hole once published, videos provide a rich source of data through engagement metrics. This real-time feedback loop enables Agri-Foods marketers to measure the effectiveness of their education content like never before, and adjust their strategies accordingly.


In the Agri-Foods marketing world, the premium often placed on the sensory experience renders video content not just a ‘nice to have’, but an essential tool in the marketing arsenal. The evidence is clear – when it comes to educating consumers and driving sales, there’s no contest between education videos and traditional manuals.

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