The Ultimate Guide to Asking the Best Questions in Agri-Foods Case Study Video Interviews

The Ultimate Guide to Asking the Best Questions in Agri-Foods Case Study Video Interviews

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Production Tips | 0 comments

If you’re an Agri-Foods business looking to create a case study video, then interviews with your clients are a crucial part of the process.

However, conducting the perfect interview can be challenging, and it all comes down to the questions you ask.

At Super Motion, we’ve had plenty of experience creating these kinds of videos for Agri-Foods businesses, and we understand how important it is to ask the right questions in a case study video interview.

In this blog post, we’ll share the ultimate guide to asking the best questions in Agri-Foods case study video interviews. You’ll discover precisely what you should be asking your clients to get the most out of the interview.

Understand Company and Job Role

Firstly, it’s essential to understand the interviewee’s company and their job role. This will give you context that you can use throughout the interview.

By asking about their company, you can gain insight into how they operate, their size and structure, and perhaps even their vision and values.

Meanwhile, learning about their job role can give you an understanding of their specific responsibilities and challenges. You can use this knowledge to tailor questions that will help you uncover deeper insights.

Explore Target Customer Profiles

One of the critical areas of Agri-Foods marketing is knowing your target customer. By asking the interviewee about their target customers, you can gain insight into their specific concerns and needs.

This information can help you understand how your client’s company operates and how they have adapted to meet their customer’s needs. You can use this knowledge to create a more compelling case study video that speaks to your audience.

Discuss Specific Challenges

It’s essential to understand the specific challenges that Agri-Foods companies face.

By asking the interviewee about these challenges, you can gain valuable insights into how your client has adapted and overcome them.

This information will not only give you a deeper understanding of your client’s business, but it can also help you create a more engaging case study video that addresses these challenges head-on.

Assess Impacts and Benefits

When creating a case study video, it’s important to understand the impacts on morale, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

You can ask your client about the implementation process and any challenges they may have faced, and then discuss the observed benefits and tracked key performance indicators. You could also uncover any additional or unexpected benefits that they have gained from using your product or service.

This information will help you create a compelling and well-rounded case study video that provides a complete overview of the benefits of your Agri-Foods company’s product or service.

Gather Feedback

Finally, you should aim to gather feedback from stakeholders and team members.

These insights can be invaluable when it comes to creating a compelling and persuasive case study video.

By asking for feedback, you’ll not only gain a deeper understanding of your client’s business, but you’ll also be able to address any concerns or criticisms that might be raised.


Creating a case study video for your Agri-Foods business can be daunting, but knowing the right questions to ask can make all the difference

By understanding the company and job role, exploring target customer profiles and specific challenges, assessing impacts and benefits and gathering feedback from stakeholders, you’ll be well-equipped to create a highly effective and engaging case study video.

Remember, your video should not only showcase your client’s product or service but should also help potential customers understand the benefits of working with your Agri-Foods company.

If you’re struggling to conduct an effective case study video interview with your client, this is an area where we have expertise — so please ask us if you need some support.

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