Tips from a Video Production Expert: How to Overcome Common Challenges in Social Media Video Creation for Agri-Foods

Tips from a Video Production Expert: How to Overcome Common Challenges in Social Media Video Creation for Agri-Foods

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Production Tips | 0 comments

Nowadays, social media platforms are vital to any business’s marketing strategy, including Agri-Foods. Videos are of particular importance in this digital era, where 87% of marketers use video content in their campaigns.

However, creating a social media video that is entertaining, informative, and engaging can be challenging, even for expert video producers, not to mention inexperienced marketing managers.

In this blog, we will discuss common issues that arise in social media video creation for Agri-Foods and advise on how to solve them. Whether you are a seasoned marketing manager or a novice, this post will give you informative insights to overcome the challenges and effectively produce high-quality social media videos.

Diverse Shooting Locations and Highlighting Fresh Produce in Videos

One of the significant challenges in creating social media videos for Agri-Foods is presenting fresh produce from different shooting locations.

In some scenarios, it may be challenging to highlight your brand’s products, where each ingredient has unique qualities that need to be communicated across your various social media channels. Therefore, it is essential to capture diverse footage in different locations and present your product in an artistic way.

In this regard, engaging multiple video production teams might help, each responsible for different locations. This approach involves producing videos that share a similar mood and style from various production teams.

Simplifying Technical Jargon

When your brand’s products have complex technicalities, simplifying it in a video requires the right balance between creative graphics and relatable benefits.

First, it is essential to know your target audience for each social media channel. This information can help you tailor your content and relate it to your audience.

Next, you can use graphics upgrades, such as captions, animations, and illustrations, to communicate complex information effectively.

In addition, sharing videos that focus on the relatable benefits of your products using societal language would help your audience engage and comprehend complex information.

Make use of Storytelling and Customer Testimonials for Engagement

Incorporating storytelling into your social media videos is an effective way to produce engaging content and enhance your brand’s customer loyalty.

By creating narrative stories that connect with your customers’ emotions, you encourage them to watch through to the end and share your videos across their social media platforms.

Also, embedding customer testimonials in your video gives your ads credibility and authenticity.

When customers watch testimonial videos with a real person’s story, they connect emotionally with them in a way that abstract language or statistics cannot match.

Emphasise What Makes you Different

Agri-Foods’ social media videos are not exempt from the competition. Your brand must stand out from the rest by emphasising your unique selling points and brand differentiation factors.

One way to do this effectively is to emphasise your brand’s unique practices in your video content. For instance, if your brand uses traditional organic farming methods, it would differentiate you from other brands that use genetically modified products.

Great visuals, storytelling, voiceovers, and messages help build your brand and positively impact society.

Tailor Your Content to the Platform

Social media platforms differ widely in terms of video duration, size, and accessibility. Also, each platform has a specific target audience, and your social media video may not achieve your goals if it does not meet your target audience’s requirements.

Therefore, when creating social media videos for Agri-Foods, it is essential to tailor each content to match each platform’s constraints. For instance, the video duration, format, hashtags, and keywords that work on Instagram may differ on YouTube or TikTok.

Understanding and implementing the relevant strategies for the different social media platforms equips you with the necessary knowledge to give you more exposure and engagement.


Creating a social media video for your Agri-Foods can be a daunting task, especially if you consider the competition out there.

However, by following these tips, you can produce high-quality social media videos that will take your brand to the next level. Remember to consider diverse shooting locations, simplify technical jargon with graphics, incorporate storytelling, emphasise your unique practices and community impact, tailor your content to social media platforms, and use user-generated content to make budget-efficient videos.

These tips not only improve your video production knowledge but also help you create engaging content that will communicate and resonate with your target audience.

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